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MUN Program

Leadership skills, variety of perspective, and self-confidence

The 'Model United Nations' program, a scholastic simulation of the United Nations, teaches students about current events, civic participation, diplomacy, and conflict resolution in an increasingly globalized world.

Work leading up to the conference includes in-depth research on a particular country, encompassing its relationships with neighbors, current economic interests, and stake in international debates. During the summit, students attempt to solve international problems from the role of diplomats, debating both regional and global issues, all while maintaining their country´s stance.

CAISL’s active 'Model United Nations' program extends throughout the Secondary School with two different events:

Junior Model United Nations (JMUN)

Debate and world issues are integrated into the Middle School curriculum and culminate  with the spring´s Junior MUN Conference.

In JMUN the focus is on the Middle School delegates, but High School MUN veterans are involved as Committee Chairs, and Grade 5 students get their first exposure to MUN by playing the role of conference reporters.

Photo of JMUN showing students participating

Iberian Model United Nations (IMUN)

MUN benchmarks are embedded into the 9th and 10th curricula and debate is practiced throughout Grades 9-12.

Each November, CAISL welcomes over 350 students from schools around the world for the Iberian Model United Nations (IMUN) conference.

During the conference students spend two and a half days lobbying, debating, merging resolutions and developing leadership and negotiation skills. The High School MUN participants also take part in other MUN conferences during the year including one in The Hague in January, one in Porto in April, and the Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) conference hosted by CAISL Middle School students in the spring.

Arrival at IMUN conference

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