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Lunch and Bus

Cafeteria & Snack Bar

CAISL has a professional catering company providing lunches for the students. Each day a hot lunch is available to all students, which is prepared in CAISL's own kitchen. All lunch menus can be found below.

Students in Grades 1 through 12 have a daily choice among a meat, fish, or vegetarian option.

Students in Early Childhood who choose to have a school meal are provided with a healthy choice that we know is popular with young children. However, if it is not a dish that your child will enjoy, we will try to provide an alternative, if requested in advance to the Accounts Office.

Students may also bring a lunch from home, if they wish.

Lunch Menus

Please note:

A Diet Option consisting of plain boiled fish with plain white rice is available on a daily basis only for health reasons.

Snack Menus

Students in Grades EC3-Grade 5 are provided with a morning "Snack" during the school day. Please see information on the snack provided below.

Cafeteria tables


Photo of Bus Services

CAISL provides an extensive bus service to most of the metropolitan Lisbon area.  Our bus service includes both large, 50-seater buses serving those areas where a lot of students live in close proximity as well as small 8 and 14 seat vans for students living in more isolated areas. While our bus service is extensive, our buses are not able to accommodate all areas. Be sure to check with the Accounts Office. There is an extra charge for the bus service.

Students are picked up at their door whenever possible. Every effort is to keep the bus ride to or from school less than 45 minutes.

While it seems like a long way for a child to ride from Lisbon to CAISL, remember that traffic is flowing in the opposite direction - to Lisbon in the morning when the bus is coming to school and towards Sintra in the afternoon when the bus is going to Lisbon.
All of our buses have individual seat belts and adult monitors to ensure the safety of the students.

Please refer to the family guide for more details on the bus and food service at CAISL.


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

Refer to the Fee Schedule to see the cost for these services. Lunch and bus expenses can be found on the flip side of the fee schedule.