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The Delegate Center has been put together to help IMUN Delegates better prepare for the Conference. Students are encouraged to also consult other sources in preparing their position papers and resolutions.


Position Papers

In order to best prepare for the upcoming MUN conferences it is suggested that each delegate complete at least two position papers. The more familiar one is with the Agenda Issues and assigned delegation, the more satisfaction derived from the conference. CAISL requires this to be completed; it is at the discretion of IMUN participating schools as whether or not to make this a requirement.

Position papers should be written in paragraph form and be approximately two pages long. Reference notes and a bibliography must be provided. Please divide into two sections: Issue Background and Delegation Position.

Position papers should be divided into two distinct sections: the first part should be dedicated toward providing background information on the Agenda Issue.  The following should be included in the Agenda Issue background section:  definition of relevant critical terms, history of the issue, different perspectives on the issue, and measures taken by the UN, NGOs, Member States and/or other groups to address the issue.  The second part should provide focus on the delegation position:  relevance of the issue to the assigned delegation, delegation outlook on the issue and measures (if any) taken by the delegation on the issue. In some cases (the issue bears little relevance to the delegation and/or the delegation has limited resources to devote to the issue) the information simply may not be available.  Each of the two sections should be clearly titled Agenda Issue Background and Delegation Position. The Agenda Issue exact title must be at the top of your first page.





Sample Resolution

How to Make an Opening Speech

How to Make An Opening Speech

At IMUN we allocate one minute for each delegation selected to make an opening speech.  Here are some guidelines as to what might be included.  Please be aware, that due time constraints, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to address all of the below.

  • First, you should thank the presiding official by saying "Thank you Mr./ Madame/ Honorable Chair/ President..."
  • Then begin by providing a brief history on a selected Agenda Issues(s) as it relates to your delegation.
  • Speak about how the issue(s) is currently affecting your delegation.
  • Provide your delegation's position on the issue. Include an explanation for your delegation's stance, such as economic or security concerns or political or religious ideology.
  • You may choose to give an explanation of how your delegation's position relates to the positions of other member states such as the major powers or countries in your regional bloc.
  • You should discuss some of the past actions taken by the UN, member states and NGOs to address the issue.
  • Present ideas for a resolution, stressing your delegation's objectives for the resolution.
  • Talk about the role that NGOs or regional organizations have to play in addressing the issue.
  • Indicate to the committee members whether your delegation is willing to negotiate.


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