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Is community housing provided?

In principle, community housing is only provided to one long-term participating school who reciprocate annually with CAISL. IMUN has reserved a block of steeply discounted rooms at the resort Hotel Estoril Eden. It is each school’s responsibility to make their own housing arrangements.

How many delegates may represent a country?

Schools may bring a maximum of 20 GA and Special Conference delegates in total. We simulate four forums: General Assembly, Special Conference, International Court of Justice and Security Council. Delegations (Member States or NGOs) may not have more than one delegate per forum. Every Security Council country must be represented in all 3 forums. For every non- Security Council delegation assigned, one delegate is to be present in the GA with a 2nd delegate generally present in Special Conference, although this will not always be the case due to space constraints.

Where is the conference held?

We start on a Thursday at 13:00 at our school, Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, in Linhó, Sintra (approximately 30 minutes outside Lisbon). Friday and Saturday we meet at the state-of-the-art Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon.

When do we have to register?

Form I is due April 1st. A non-refundable registration fee of 300 euros is due at this time as well.

Form II (an online form) is due October 1st along with the balance payment (Be sure to subtract your previously made 300 euro pre-registration fee).

How is ICJ different?

Unlike other IMUN venues, for ICJ (International Court of Justice) participants must undergo an application process. The application is due May 15th.

For those who apply to be Officers or Advocates the ICJ involves considerable preparation and commitment before the conference, and they must be available to start Thursday at 8:30am (earlier than the other participants in the conference).

How do we get around?

IMUN will arrange airport transfers upon request at cost. It is each school’s responsibility to get to CAISL by 13:00 on Thursday. We are served by public bus transportation (BUS #417)- your hotel concierge should be able to provide details. IMUN will bus Estoril Eden guests at the end of the day at approximately 17:00 Thursday from CAISL to the hotel. On Friday and Saturday morning, IMUN will provide bus transportation from the hotel to CCB where the conference is held. In the afternoon, IMUN will provide transportation from CCB to the hotel or, if they prefer, delegates may take the train back to the hotel. The train station is a 5 minute walk from the hotel and the Belem stop is a 10 minute walk to the conference site. The cost is approximately 2 Euro per trip. Further information is provided in the Transportation and Lodging section of the site.

Is there something interesting to see Thursday morning near your school?

Yes! Sintra, one of Portugal’s most beautiful towns and part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list, is a 10 minute drive from our school. Castles, museums and shops abound. Buses (#417 and #418) and taxis are available between Sintra and Linhó (CAISL).

Do we have to wear formal attire on Thursday?

If possible, yes. All of the local schools will be in formal attire. If you know you will be hiking the Sintra hills or otherwise engaged in active tourism Thursday you may come directly to CAISL in more casual dress but be forewarned that virtually all delegates will be in professional attire. Formal attire must be worn during the rest of the conference.

What constitutes formal attire?

Formal attire is absolutely required all day Friday and Saturday. No jeans or sneakers are permitted. Male delegates must wear either a blazer, tie, and dress pants or a full suit. Female delegates must dress appropriately and professionally.

When will the Agenda Issues be decided?

GA and Special Conference Agenda Issues will be posted on our site in May. Security Council Agenda Issues will be posted in September in an effort to assure that we address the most relevant issues at the time of the conference.

When will we receive our delegation assignments?

School delegation assignments (countries and NGOs) will be made available in the IMUN Manager platform in May.

Does IMUN provide its own note passing stationary?

IMUN does not provide any stationary. We require all delegations to bring in their own stationary, which must be official in appearance. Blank paper shall not be allowed. Please make sure you print enough copies beforehand that will last all throughout the conference. Admin Staff will only pass notes on professional delegation stationary.

Does IMUN provide meals?

IMUN provides lunch (11h45 - 12h50) on Thursday at CAISL (Schools must confirm their presence to IMUN at least a week in advance in order to benefit from this). On Friday morning IMUN provides a full coffee break. Late afternoon Friday, a reception will be held at the landmark historic Pastéis de Belém for all delegates and teachers. A "morning coffee" will be provided for MUN Directors Saturday at CCB.

Are additional fees charged for alterations of a school’s delegate list after October 1st?


After October 1, substitutions for students unable to attend will only be permitted on payment of a 25€ administrative charge. Any additional delegates must pay this fee as well. No refunds are provided for drop-outs after this date as well.

Schools are responsible for the payment of all bank charges relating to the processing of fees. To avoid or minimalize such charges, schools should instruct their bank to transfer the money, net of bank charges, directly to the IMUN account.

When can delegates use technology at IMUN?

Throughout the entire first day of lobbying, and during opening speeches and lobby-time delegates are allowed to use technology for conference purposes only. Wi-fi is available at CAISL Thursday afternoon and may be available in certain locations at CCB Friday and Saturday. Security Council members can use technology at all times. 

How much does IMUN participation cost?

IMUN charges 75 euros per participant including directors.  There is no delegation fee.  A 300 euro non-refundable registration fee is due April 1 (along with FORM I).  This 300 euro fee is to be deducted from the balance payment which is due October 1 (along with FORM II).

Where does our money go?

Years ago IMUN made the decision to utilize Portugal’s most prestigious, state of the art conference center available.  Centro Cultural de Belem was built in 1992 to accommodate Portugal’s first presidency of the Council of the European Union.  The majority of IMUN fees go toward renting this outstanding facility.  The remainder is designated toward ground bus transport between CAISL and the Hotel Eden and the Eden and CCB, Thursday’s lunch, Fridays’s reception, printing and materials.

If our school has been assigned to represent a Security Council country can we depart the conference early?

No.  It is imperative that every Security Council member is present and voting for the duration of the entire conference.

How can I be constantly kept up to date and provided with further details?

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