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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in working at the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal.

In most years, CAISL hires between 3 and 8 teachers for our faculty of 90.   We are looking for excellent teachers who are expert in their teaching fields, who love teaching and students, and who are willing and able to make a two-year commitment. We have an American curriculum at all grade levels and, additionally, offer the IB Diploma Program in the last two years of high school.

Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

This section will give you an overview of Lisbon, the school and its programs, and the salary/benefits package.

As vacancies develop, they will be advertised on this web site and on Search Associates.   If there is a vacancy in which you are interest and for which you are qualified, please read the "How to Apply/Current Openings" section. 

Blannie Curtis

Please view the Information for Applicants links below.

To apply, go to "How to Apply/Current Openings." 

Living in Lisbon

Portugal is an excellent place to live. Outdoors people have beaches, mountains, superb camping and hiking, and a climate among the best in Europe. City people have museums, concerts, medieval villages, and a wide array of cultural activities.

Portugal is a country of contrasts. There are ultra-modern housing developments and shopping malls, with US, British, and German products for sale and first-release movies in English.

There are also quaint villages, breath-taking churches, medieval monuments, and sections of even the capital city in which you will believe you are back 500 years. The night life is active with discos open until the wee hours of the morning.

An excellent meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost about 20-30 euros per person. The stores have everything you could wish to buy, although you will pay a premium for some imported goods. The best food for the lowest prices is found in the weekly farmers’ markets. The public transportation system is excellent with trains, buses, and trolleys taking you anywhere in the country you could wish to go.

Of course, every country has its frustrating elements. Although Portugal is one of the the least expensive countries in Europe, some things are expensive relative to salaries. Portugal is also “wrapped in red tape” (to quote one of our teachers). Getting any documents is a lengthy and frustrating process because the procedure for getting “legal” tends to change regularly and without warning.

Academic Program

CAISL seeks to blend the best from the United States model of education with the best from a variety of national systems. Students take Portuguese as either a foreign or a native language through 8th grade. We have an ESL program for students Grades 1 through 10 and at varying levels of fluency. We are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, by the Council of International Schools, and by the International Baccaulaureate Organization and operate under permanent license from the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

Almost all of our students go on to university either immediately after high school or after a gap year. This means that we work to challenge the students academically. We don't expect all of the students to achieve A's; we do expect them to learn how to be responsible, to become giving members of the school community, and to push themselves intellectually. Our academic program reflects these goals.

Teachers are actively involved in curriculum writing and there is room for curricular innovation and adaptation at all levels in consultation with colleagues and administrators. Teachers are expected to reach the curricular goals in the ways they deem effective and to communicate their objectives and assessment procedures in a timely and professional manner to students, parents, colleagues, and administrators.

All classes place a premium on communicating effectively and learning the skills of finding and assessing information rather than have having the information handed to them by the teacher.

The IB Diploma Program is available for students in grades 11 and 12 in addition to the American High School Diploma.

Daily Schedule

Primary/Elementary classes are self-contained for core classes (reading, writing, spelling, math, social studies, science). Specialists teach Portuguese as a Foreign language, Portuguese as a Native Language, Music, Art, Computers, and Physical Education.

Secondary School teachers teach 5 or 6 classes. Classes meet for 90 minutes every other day on an alternating block.  

As part of their regular assignment, teachers also have lunch/recess duty, attend at least one meeting each week after school, and meet frequently with parents, usually either during their preparation periods or immediately after school.

The first class of the day starts at 08h20 and the last class ends at 15h45.

Expectations of Teachers

At CAISL, each teacher strives to exhibit the following 
Expectations of Professional Excellence:


  • Uses activities which ensure student participation
  • Relates activities to the daily lives of students in a meaningful context.
  • Ensures that the instruction and learning activities are differentiated according to the level of the students collectively and individually
  • Helps students to become Creative Problem Solvers by exposing them to a variety of challenging and creative “active learning” lessons. 
  • Demonstrates commitment to ensuring that our students become Effective Communicators who express and interpret ideas using appropriate means.
  • Promotes life-long learning in a meaningful context through active inquiry, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Promotes and establishes good work habits that will give students the necessary tools to become lifelong learners.
  • Effectively uses IT in delivery of instruction and in assessment
  • Assists students to form broad conceptual understandings while gaining depth of knowledge
  • Elicits deep, engaged, active learning for all students regardless of discipline or instructional level
  • Inspires student-learners to strive for individual and collective excellence


  • Has extensive breadth of content knowledge in his/her teaching field allowing him/her to respond to student interest and questions “on the spot.”
  • Has extensive depth of content knowledge in his/her teaching field allowing him/her to respond to student interest and questions “on the spot.”
  • Has extensive knowledge of the academic, social, and emotional development of children and/or adolescents providing him/her with the basis for adapting lessons and providing support.
  • Has extensive knowledge of the current developments not only in his/her own academic discipline but in related disciplines, allowing him/her to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to lessons. 
  • Has extensive knowledge of current developments in the area of academic, social, and emotional development of children and/or adolescents and applies selected developments to his/her own work
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to life-long learning



  • Planning via Rubicon Atlas goes includes Goals, Assessments, Learning Activities, Resources, Content, Character Counts, and Reflections. 
  • Ensures student learning of the standards and benchmarks adopted by CAISL and takes students beyond them.
  • Organization of classroom and lessons shows expertise in planning and adaptability whether working with full-class activities or individualized instruction within the classroom setting.


  • Demonstrates mission-consistent discipline in all instances. 
  • Sets high—but not uniform—behavioral standards and expectations for all students.
  • Develops and maintains a classroom atmosphere in which students are self-directed and which inspires learning.
  • Models and promotes well-mannered and respectful interactions with students.
  • Provides a caring and safe environment that supports diverse learner needs.

  Specific Expectations related to the Division of the School are:




Available IN CLASSROOM from 8:15a.m to supervise children and greet parents

Attendance at Winter Concert, Spring Show, and other extra-curricular student-based events

Attendance at extra-curricular student-based events

Chaperoning of week-long Gredos trip (5th grade teachers and others as needed)

Specific area supervision (break/duty/bus) as assigned

Periodic attendance at extra-curricular events coordinated by colleagues or Parent Support Group.

Full-day schedule of student supervision and/or instruction as needed with the youngest students

Specific area supervision (break/duty/bus) as assigned

Periodic attendance at extra-curricular events coordinated by colleagues or Parent Support Group

5 or 6 45-minute periods of instruction including scheduled/emergency subbing as assigned




Participation in the planning and chaperoning of MS trips and activities:

"Week without Walls"  (3 to 5 days) 

  • Gr. 6: Evora (or similar)
  • Gr. 7: Mérida, Cordoba & Granada (or similar)
  • Gr. 8: Gredos
  • All MS Camping Trip


  • Chaperone 3 MS Dances per year
  • Support students in environmental or community service projects

Participation in the planning and chaperoning of HS Trips and Activities: 

  • Support students in environmental or community service projects
  • Sponsor and/or participate in student club(s) or activities such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Community Service, Pi Day, MUN, Scavenger Hunt, etc.
  • Chaperone overnight trips when needed

Coordinate and plan activities for an Advisory group (as assigned)

Coordinate and plan activities for an Advisory group (as assigned)

Specific area supervision (break/duty/bus) as assigned

Specific area supervision (break/duty/bus) as assigned

5 or 6 periods of instruction including scheduled/emergency subbing as assigned

5 or 6 periods of instruction including scheduled/emergency subbing as assigned

Periodic attendance at extra-curricular events coordinated by colleagues or Parent Support Group

Periodic attendance at extra-curricular events coordinated by colleagues or Parent Support Group

What I really like about living in Portugal

  • The weather (this year)
  • Safety—Portugal is a very safe country. Except for pocket-picking in the tourist areas, the crime rate is low and violent crime is extremely rare.
  • The sense of history and the historic sites
  • Lisbon itself is very unspoiled, very undiscovered.
  • The “laid-back” way of life.
  • Lots of wonderful day-trips possible.
  • Wide variety of “American” things—fast food and shopping malls, Pizza Hut and Starbucks
  • Public transportation is excellent—very easy to get around.
  • The “café culture” and long leisurely lunches and dinners.
  • The proximity to the ocean—great for swimming, wind-surfing, and “beach-bumming”
  • Year-round variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Open-Air markets for food, clothes, and housewares

What I really dislike about living in Portugal

The drivers and the traffic—very dangerous with buses going in both directions on a one-way street and cars making three lanes out of two.

The red-tape, indescribable rules and regulations related to visas, taxes, etc. Just as you think you understand and can get something done, the rules change and you have to start all over.

More and more American fast food restaurants and shopping centers; Pizza Hut and Starbucks have invaded! 

Many items, especially imported one, are expensive relative to salaries.  

AirBnB and other tourist accommodations make finding affordable housing increasing challenging.

Too many tourists in Portugal these days!

Little concept of customer service—the “laid-back” attitude is fine until you need something done.

The things that I really like about teaching at CAISL

  • Having students of different nationalities
  • Great kids
  • Supportive colleagues, administration, staff, and parents
  • Great Facilities!
    • Positive/creative curriculum that allows teacher input and flexibility

    CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

    © Carlucci American International School of Lisbon

    Governed by Fundação Escola Americana de Lisboa

    Rua António dos Reis 95
    Linhó 2710-301
    Lisboa, Portugal
    T: 351-219-239-800
    F: 351-219-239-898


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