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Virtual High School Learning

A large variety of opportunities

By partnering with the VHS, CAISL widens the course offerings available for students. 


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VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization providing supplemental online classes and blended learning opportunities to middle and high school students.

Learn more about the program here or check their FAQs page here.

In order to better support parents and students in deciding if a VHS Learning course is appropriate, please refer to the points below:

  • CAISL students in Grades 9 through 12 are eligible to take courses through VHS Learning.
  • The grades and credits earned through VHS Learning courses will transfer and appear on the student’s CAISL transcript.
  • VHS Learning offers 23 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  AP courses are college-level and culminate with an external exam in May.  Students who perform well on the AP exam may be eligible for college credit or advanced standing at universities in the United States.  The AP exam results may also be used to support college entrance in other national systems.  For more information on how AP courses can be used in the college application process, please contact Mr. Turner (
  • VHS Learning complies with the data privacy laws in both the United States and Europe.

CAISL will pay the costs of VHS Learning courses in the following situations:

  1. The student is enrolling in an AP course which the High School Coordinator and Secondary Principal validate as part of the student’s academic plan.
  2. The student has demonstrated strong organizational skills, academic ability and interest in the subject and the course is significantly different than those currently offered at CAISL.  VHS Learning is meant to expand, not replace, the courses CAISL offers.    

CAISL families will pay the costs of VHS Learning courses in the following situations:

  1. The student does not pass the course.
  2. Students withdraws from the course after the first week from the start date.  If a student withdraws during the first week, the family will be responsible for 25% of the course fee.  
  3. The student is recovering a credit from a CAISL course which he/she did not pass.

Participation in any VHS Learning course offered through CAISL will require the approval of the Secondary Principal.