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Learning much more than ABCs

In placing a child in CAISL, parents embark upon an important partnership with the teachers and staff here. We are committed to doing everything possible in school to ensure that, with parental support, each and every one of our students grows and develops as a respectful, thoughtful and enthusiastic lifelong learner.

Photo of students sitting side by side before a baseball game wearing the team shirts

Our Elementary classes are full of new discoveries for students and aim to keep them enthusiastic about schooling. From first grade (6 years old) to fifth grade (10 years old), children do most of their learning with a dedicated homeroom teacher and share their classes with colleagues from very diverse countries and cultures. Due to the language diversity represented at CAISL, classes may also have an English for Speakers of other Languages specialist teacher working within the classroom.

Photo of teacher during class
Photo of students working on an Art project

Each school day comes packed with hands on learning opportunities in literacy and language development, math, science, social studies, but also in Portuguese (as a native or foreign language), art, music, athletic and technology areas, taught by specialist teachers.

Elementary Classroom

Photo of an Elementary classroom

Personal, Social, and Health Education is also a part of the curriculum and taught by the Elementary Counselor, who is also available for individual talks with students and parents.

Classrooms are light and spacious and give room do the diversity of classroom activities, whether these are dropping school work for a few minutes and enjoy a quiet moment of reading, or programing robots during IT class.

Every day is a learning adventure for our Elementary students.


Elementary Curriculum Overview
Elementary Curriculum Overview
Elementary Student Parent Handbook
First page of the Student-Parent Elementary Handbook
Student Conduct Essentials
First page of the PDF file: Elem_Essentials_of_Student_Conduct

Curriculum Frameworks and Performance Indicators for each of the Grades

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CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

Standards-Based Reporting (SBR)

SBR is a system adopted by CAISL in which the student is assessed on individual “Performance Indicators” or, in simpler terms, “skills” and “knowledge.”    Reports of student progress are focused on a collection of similar Performance Indicators within a subject, rather than one “grade” for the entire subject. 

MAP Testing

Standardized test scores, quarterly grades and exam results offer a few ways of measuring student success. While we take pride in our students' test-taking achievements and academic performance, we also strive to provide a balanced curriculum of Academics, Arts and Athletics to emphasize the importance of a well-rounded education - an education that extends much further than test result numbers would indicate (Read more).

CAISL uses MAP™ tests for students in Grades 2-10. Please browse here for the most recent test results.