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Breadth of knowledge, balance of studies, and active participation.

In many systems, once students turn 16, they specialize in a field of study, whereas students in American schools study a broad range of subjects throughout their school years.

Students are expected to be actively involved in their education—by participating in class, asking questions, thinking critically and working with others.

While knowledge can be gained through studying a book or taking an exam, true education requires one to apply that knowledge to life’s problems and to work with others to find solutions. At CAISL, our curriculum reflects this philosophy and provides an enriching, varied and effective program of academics, arts, and athletics that inspires students to strive for individual and collective excellence.

The yearly produced guide "Learning @ CAISL" compiles the procedures and expectations for students at each grade-level in the areas of assessment, homework, grade reporting, EAL and Learning Support Services. You can access it below.

Learning at CAISL
First page of the PDF file: LEARNING_AT_CAISL

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Early Childhood A
Early Childhood
Early Childhood B
Middle School C
Middle School
High School D
High School