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Varsity & Victory

Varsity & Victory

What an exciting start to the week we've had! The Varsity Girls Soccer and Varsity Boys Basketball teams participated in a local tournament from Monday to Wednesday, which marked the culmination of their efforts during the practice season.

The Boys competed as two teams, CAISL and Wolves, and both teams displayed remarkable team spirit and fair play on the field. Each game was a pleasure to watch, with players showcasing their best abilities. The 3rd and 4th place game was particularly intense, with CAISL leading for most of the match but continuously striving to improve their score. In the end, our boys finished in 4th and 6th places, and everyone, including the players and coaches, should be proud of their performance.

The CAISL Girls played at St. Julian's and demonstrated incredible school spirit by supporting each other. They played every game with heart and skill, and their hard work paid off, earning them a well-deserved first place. A huge congratulations to our players and coaches for representing CAISL with such ability and sportsmanship!

Go CAISL Wolves!