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The Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Dragon

Today we celebrated the Lunar New Year, an important event in the Asian culture. This was the perfect opportunity for our students to shine on stage and share their traditions with the rest of their colleagues. A group of Elementary students researched and presented the story of Lunar New Year’s traditions, from traditional folklore to food and clothing.

Liz also stepped on stage and performed an enchanting traditional dance that got the audience mesmerized. Then, from behind the curtain, emerged four shiny dragons that paraded to the rhythm of drums.

As students made their way back to the classrooms, some volunteers parents distributed hóngbāo, a red envelop containing coins to bring prosperity.

Celebrations went on through lunch time, with secondary Chinese students making a traditional bake sale that was an instant success. As students tasted the delicious treats, some of their classmates performed Asian pieces for orchestra, piano, and violin.

Thank you to all parents and teachers who helped us learn more about Lunar New Year.