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Thankful For All The Volunteers

Thankful For All The Volunteers
Maria Barral

The national food drive campaign – Banco Alimentar – took place on the weekend of 27-28 of November and it involved CAISL students, staff, faculty and parents. Collectively, we gathered 3 132 kg of food in a local supermarket, which contributed to the 1680 tons gathered nationwide. Either by volunteering their time or showing up to contribute with food items, we are proud of, and very thankful for all the volunteers.

Miguel B, one of the youngest on the list, had this to say about it: “I worked in Banco Alimentar’s campaigns for many years and I enjoy it. Sometimes, asking people if they want to contribute to Banco Alimentar can be boring, but when you think about how many hungry bellies you will help to feed, it doesn’t seem as dull anymore… and it gets better if you do it with friends!”

A big, big thank you to all the participants!