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Steam Performance

Steam Performance

Last Friday, CAISL students offered a captivating STEAM presentation in our theater, centered around the theme "Water & Our World." The event featured a diverse range of performances by our middle and high school students.

The middle schoolers addressed vital topics like water, agriculture, pollution, and resource management, delivering positive messages and showcasing exemplary ways to conserve and protect our water resources.

The student audience was treated to a variety of artistic expressions. This included thought-provoking poems related to the theme, performances by the High School Orchestra, an innovative Exploratory/Improv Drama using human shadows, a captivating dance presentation by the IB Theatre class and Middle School Dance class, as well as enchanting choir performances.

Enhancing these performances, the show incorporated a collection of visually striking videos and images crafted by CAISL's Art Club. The power of music to inspire and mobilize change was evident throughout the event. Congratulations to all involved for your outstanding contributions, and special thanks to our guest conductor, Dr. Kelly Miller, professor at the University of Central Florida, for her work with our Choirs preparing this show.