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Portuguese Field Trips

Portuguese Field Trips

Gr. 5 – Mosteiro de Alcobaça – March,1st

On March, 1st a group of fifth graders embarked on an enriching journey to Mosteiro de Alcobaça. Students explored the monastery and made a connection with a Portuguese legend read in class, the tragic tale of Pedro and Inês in a captivating manner. Looking at their tombs in the solemn atmosphere, students could learn of the enduring love story that transcends time. Moreover, they could look at the details of the exquisite craftsmanship of both tombs. After students visited the monastery and learnt their commitment to "Ora et Labora" - prayer and work - through its practice of poverty, labor, and silence. This immersive experience helped students to deepen their understanding of Portuguese culture and heritage.

Gr. 4 – Palácio Convento de Mafra – March, 7th

On March, 7th a group of fourth graders explored the beautiful Mafra Palace and learnt about its fascinating history. 4th graders visited the king and queen chambers in different towers. They were amazed with the rooms, the beautiful ceilings painted and above all a lot of information about the king’s daily life. Students were delighted with the Old Library, where bats serve as silent helpers and finished the visit with unforgettable funny details filled with history, royalty, and wonder.