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NHS Induction 2024

NHS Induction 2024

The National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Dinner held on April 16th was a memorable occasion filled with pride, camaraderie, and celebration. Sixteen outstanding students were warmly welcomed into the prestigious society, marking a significant milestone in their academic journeys. Each new member was introduced with heartfelt words by an older NHS member, highlighting their exceptional qualities and contributions to the school community.

The induction ceremony was made even more meaningful as the NHS President, Kekeli, and new inductees Francisca, Inês, Noor, and Sofia stepped forward to light the candles representing the core pillars of the NHS: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Guided by the NHS Vice-President, all members solemnly recited the NHS pledge, reaffirming their commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and service to others. Throughout the evening, proud parents and friends beamed with joy as they witnessed their loved ones being recognized for their dedication and achievements. The Induction Dinner served not only as a celebration of academic success but also as a reminder of the importance of integrity, scholarship, leadership, and service in shaping future leaders and contributing positively to society.

Congratulations to all new and continuing NHS members.