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Lucky to have you!

Maria Barral

Before the last day of school, the whole Parent Support Group was invited for a “Thank you” Tea. It was meant to be a social opportunity for the PSG to be together, to mingle with the Director and the Principals, and for the school to show appreciation for the most wonderful work they do all year. This year, it was also an opportunity for the group to say farewell to the Director. As a gift, they presented her with a beautiful hand luggage that contained items representing the clubs they hosted such as a voucher from a 5 star hotel in Serra da Estrela with a handmade guide of places to visit and where to eat from the “Food and Travel Club”, carefully selected books to read from the “Book Club”, a bound collection of all the trekking trails the “Trekking Club” has done, movie vouchers and popcorn from the “Movie Club.” Ms. Curtis was moved by the gesture and valued the impact and positive nature of this group: “CAISL is lucky to have you!” The PSG, whose main mission is to bring the community together, created several Parent Clubs who remained active through the pandemics and confinement, and since the reduction of restrictions has been extremely active creating different events for the whole community. Well done, PSG, we are indeed very lucky to have you!