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IMUN 2022

Mariana Monteiro

Last week, CAISL held the 28th Annual Iberian Model United Nations conference. Over three days, students from all over the world came together to debate current issues. This year's general assembly focused on the role of NGOs in conflict regions, freedom of press in autocratic regions, the limits of government surveillance over citizens online, and measures to reduce resource dependence when faced with issues of international security. There was also a special conference, where delegates debated questions connected to refugees, health, religious freedom and the prevention of misinformation. The security council focused on the Ukraine conflict and the protection of human rights. A historical security council was also part of this conference, placed in the year 1962, and debated issues such as the Cuban missile crisis and the arrest of Nelson Mandela. Besides the chairs and delegates involved in this conference, CAISL also had a hardworking administrative team that gave it's all to ensure the event went well, and a dedicated press team that covered the conference and did several interviews and articles. You can find more about the 28th IMUN Conference reading the news blog they put together here:

Congratulations to all participants for a productive conference.