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Grade 8 talks about Migrations

Grade 8 talks about Migrations
Ms. Gina Kegler, Social Studies Teacher

On Monday, for the first time in a long time, our eighth-grade students were able to gather in the theater for a symposium on immigration.  In our English and Social Studies classes, we are reading short stories of teenage immigrants arriving in the USA, as well as learning about the reasons why original settlers chose to leave their homes and settle in a foreign land.  In an effort to create relevance and a deeper understanding of why people relocate, we invited teachers from the CAISL community to share their migration stories. In addition to these, representatives of the Lisbon Project zoomed in to explain the role they play within the immigrant community in Lisbon.   
CAISL teachers Edite Briosa, David Price, and Susan O’Keefe told their fascinating stories, of life and times in Venezuela, Liverpool, and Libya, respectively.  They depicted the different social, economic, and political reasons for why they and their families relocated at various times in their lives, and it was interesting to see how so many of our students have similar stories and experiences.
The Community Service Club regularly supports the Lisbon Project, so they were thrilled to participate in our symposium and help inform our students about their program.  The students were impressed with the stories of success and how the Lisbon Project has made such a great impact on the lives of many in the Lisbon area, and how they choose to empower the community and provide tools for independent living instead of solely providing charity.  The symposium was a great chance for students to see for themselves how different push and pull factors influence the movement of people in and between countries and gain different perspectives of the world.  It was a morning that students won’t soon forget.