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Grade 5 Living Wax Museum

Grade 5 Living Wax Museum
Mariana Monteiro

Grade 5 Portuguese Native Language students learned about biographies these last few lessons. Together with their teachers, they came up with a creative idea on how to present their final projects: a living wax museum, where each “statue” could tell its story.
5th graders “turned” into wax sculptures in the Theater, where they welcomed Grade 4 visitors. Each museum visitors had a bingo to fill in with all characters they interacted with, learning about history, and gaining Portuguese skills at the same time. From Gandhi to Van Gogh and even Michael Jackson, many great figures from politics and culture were represented and 5th graders showed just how well they could tell their stories.
Great job 5th graders, and a big thank you to the Portuguese teachers and the Library for putting this activity together.