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Grade 5: Field Trip to Gredos

Grade 5: Field Trip to Gredos

Last week, our 5th-grade students embarked on an exciting field trip to Gredos, Spain. The trip offered a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in nature and engage in a variety of activities.

The group went on long hikes, exploring diverse natural environments and learning about meadowlands, forests, and ponds. They participated in educational and fun games, and had the chance to unleash their creativity by designing their own Gredos-themed t-shirts. Additionally, the students enjoyed practicing archery, adding an adventurous element to their experience.

We are thrilled by the positive impact this trip had on our students, fostering not only a deeper connection with nature but also strengthening their friendships and teamwork skills.

We are deeply grateful to the chaperones who made this trip possible. Their dedication ensured a safe and enriching experience for all.