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Ecolution Club is back

Ms. Sara Ribeiro, IB ESS teacher

The HS Ecolution club is a student led and teacher supervised initiative whose aim is to raise awareness to environmental issues and encourage action, foster communication and sustainable attitudes/choices, through implementation of eco-friendly habits on the CAISL community. The Ecolution club meets twice a month, on B days, during the second half of lunch, to debate what environmental issues it will focus on and what initiatives will be put in place by students. Currently, the HS Ecolution club is comprised of 29 students, mostly from grades 9, 11 and 12 and is sponsored by the IB ESS teacher, Ms. Sara Ribeiro. Since all members are in distinct spaces on campus, the goal of the activities will be, not only to focus on environmental issues, but also to establish connections between the different bubbles as they work collaboratively, even if physically distanced. This will bring a strong sense of community while club members will share their concerns regarding our planet. Our first initiative will be to recruit more students from 10th grade, since this cohort is currently underrepresented, through the presentation of a small film, produced by the student members that attended the club last school year, to inspire others to join.

A MS Ecolution Club is also on the brewing to make CAISL greener and greener.