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Duck, Goose, Rocket, fun Stories and Songs

Duck, Goose, Rocket, fun Stories and Songs

Last Thursday marked an enchanting day at CAISL as Tad Hills, the children's books author, graced our campus to engage with preschoolers and elementary students. The creator of the beloved "Rocket" and "Duck and Goose" collections, Mr. Hills not only shared his delightful stories but also imparted the artistry behind his creations.

In engaging sessions, Mr. Tad Hills unveiled the secrets of bringing Duck and Goose to life on paper. He demonstrated the nuances of sketching these characters, emphasizing the importance of body language and expressive eyebrows. The children were captivated as he revealed the tricks of swiftly crafting a natural backdrop that complements the essence of the main characters.

As a token of appreciation, our preschoolers presented Mr. Hills with a song they had diligently rehearsed. Their voices resonated with joy, creating a heartwarming atmosphere that left a lasting impression on our guest author.

Mr. Hills was also kind enough to share the original drawings he made during the presentations with us. Those works are now in auction to benefit local charities and you can bid here.

Thank you to Tad Hills for this opportunity and to Ms. Stacy, Elementary Librarian, for organizing his visit.