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CAISL's Forest

Mr. José Rocha, Science Teacher

Today, November 10, 2022, CAISL´s 4th graders together with MS and Elementary Ecolution members have officially kick-started our 5 year “Forest Adoption” program. And what a meaningful, cool, and fun morning it was! After our director, Mr. Chapman, together with Ms. Inês Ramalho from Cascais Oxigénio and our 4th graders have formally inaugurated CAISL´s plot by means of attaching the Oxigénio/CAISL shared plate on the wood post that marks the western-end of our plot (attributed to our school for the 5-year program by Oxigénio, Cascais Municipality Environment and sustainability branch), 75 students, Ecolution members, teachers, one parent and our director, worked for 2 hours on the selection and extraction of invasive exotic species (Acacia) and on the replantation of the first 5meters next to the fire road with autochthonous species like the Medronheiro, amongst others. Always under strict supervision and help from Oxigénio representatives, tireless in explaining our students the needed safety precautions and useful techniques for the tasks at hand. Everyone came out with a smile on their faces. What a meaningful, cool, and fun morning it was!

Text by Mr. José Rocha, Science Teacher