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CAISL Varsity shines in Europe

CAISL Varsity shines in Europe

Between November 9 and 14th, our Varsity teams traveled for the European Sports Conference (ESC) tournaments and truly honored their school by playing their best and displaying sportsmanship on and off the field.

Varsity Boys Volleyball played in Switzerland and took advantage to do a scenic tour of the area. The Varsity Volleyball Girls were in Barcelona and made the most of their playing and free time, with student Maria Clara A. getting into the All-Star team.

Varsity Girls Soccer also played in Switzerland and should be proud of their 5th place in the competition, with student Addison F. making the All Start team and Clara M. receiving the MVP award.

The Varsity Boys Soccer team had a brilliant tournament in Germany and brought home the first place cup, with student João S.M. making the All Star team. CAISL Varsity Soccer Boys was promoted and will play in Division 1 next year.

Congratulations to our players and coaches! Keep up the great work!