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This week CAISL proudly celebrated color week highlighting the values in our 'hidden curriculum'. This annual celebration unites students and teachers focusing on a different color each day. The Colors were connected with activities that reflected these values.

Red Monday emphasized “being respectful, welcoming, and well-mannered.” White Tuesday honored “truth and responsibility.” Blue and Yellow Wednesday practiced “leaving spaces better than we found them” and “returning borrowed items in good condition.” Green and Orange Thursday reminded us to “use resources mindfully” and the importance of “being on time, present, and prepared.” Purple Friday encouraged “thoughtful consideration to the opinions of others.”

Lunchtime activities were organized by the Community Service Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, and the Ecolution Club.

Many thanks to the students and staff for proudly showcasing CAISLs true colors. Together, we continue to cultivate an environment where values are not just taught but celebrated and lived daily.