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An Amazing International Festival

An Amazing International Festival

The CAISL International Festival, orchestrated by the dedicated Parent Support Group (PSG), illuminated the school grounds on the rainy afternoon of Saturday, May 4th. Despite the weather's attempts to dampen spirits, a vibrant crowd of parents and children gathered, eager to celebrate global diversity.

During the event, guests could visit different country stands, each curated by passionate parents, offering a kaleidoscope of cultural treasures. From artifacts to activities and tantalizing food samples, attendees embarked on a sensory journey around the world.

The festival's heartbeat pulsed through a series of captivating performances. The melodious tunes of the marimba band and soul-stirring piano solos echoed through the air, setting the stage for the mesmerizing Chinese Dragon dance, which enchanted onlookers with its graceful movements. Energized by the rhythmic beats of a Brazilian drumming group and the lively Colombian traditional dancers, the crowd became one, swaying and twirling in jubilant harmony.

As the festival drew to a close, smiles adorned every face, and hearts brimmed with newfound knowledge and appreciation for diverse cultures. The CAISL International Festival proved to be not only a celebration of heritage but also a testament to the unifying power of community and joy.

Thank you to all volunteers and to the PSG for this marvelous cultural experience!