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All CAISL Colors

All CAISL Colors
Mariana Geraldes

This week we celebrated the hidden curriculum by wearing a different color each day. Students and teachers happily joined this initiative and took the chance to talk about the importance of upholding those values in our everyday lives.
Here is how we dressed up each day:
Monday we wore red to reminding us to "be respectful, welcoming, and well-mannared to everyone";
Tuesday we wore white for "tell the truth and take responsibility for our actions and inactions";
Wednesday we wore blue and purple to symbolize leaving "the space better that we found it" and giving "thoughtful consideration to the opinions of others";
Thursday we wore yellow and orange representing "return what we borrow in good condition" and "be on time, present and prepared";
Friday we wore green as a reminder to "use resources mindfully".
Thank you to our students and staff for showing their CAISL colors!