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A Historical Movie Night

Mariana Monteiro

The Parent Support Group (PSG) worked hard to prepare a special movie night to our Middle and High Schoolers. The selected movie (by the Students) was “Hamilton”, an American historical fiction musical drama movie. Based on the theme of the movie, the PSG completely transformed the Snack-Bar, giving highlight to quotes and imagery, providing period props (with the help of the Drama Department) and a suggestive background to take photos, and of course, having available fruit (for free), and plenty of popcorn and pizza to satisfy any hungry teenagers. The newly formed PSG Community Service Club was able to gather, with parent baked contributions, a total of 120 Euros for Gota-a-Gota. At the end, all the attendants were also presented with a sleeve with movie-related stickers and an ice-cream. A huge thank you to the PSG for providing such a memorable night for our older students!