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29th IMUN Conference

29th IMUN Conference

The 29th Iberian Model United Nations (IMUN) conference proved to be a resounding success, attracting more than 400 participants from 22 schools worldwide, including, for the first time, student delegates from the Palmer Trinity School in Miami.

Across a three-day period, the discussions centered around proactive measures to positively impact the world for both current and future generations. Key issues, including AI, human trafficking, conservation of natural areas, pollution regulation, cultural heritage, and animal protection rights, were thoughtfully deliberated upon during the conference.

The inaugural day of activities took place at CAISL, with delegates engaged in various task groups. For the subsequent two days, all participants convened at the Centro Cultural de Belém to further contribute to this impactful initiative. 

Richard Zimler, the renowned historical novels author, was the keynote speaker, adding a valuable perspective to the event. We are very appreciated for Mr. Zimler’s time and contribution that helped to elevate the entire conference.

The presence of the Embassies of Australia, Finland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States of America added diplomatic weight to the conference. We extend our sincere appreciation to all diplomatic representatives that took the time to be with our students.

Simultaneously, a real-time blog produced over 25 articles, fully written by our student press team, providing live coverage and insights into the proceedings. Some articles featured interviews with dignitaries present at the conference.
Beyond the conference sessions, students from abroad immersed themselves in Lisbon's culture, including a reception to taste the famous “pastéis de Belém”.

We congratulate all teachers and students for this productive conference, who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and dedication during the event.

Learn more about this event at the IMUN 2023 blog, done by our student press team: