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Parent Presentations

Faculty and Parents working together in education

The importance of families and schools working together goes far beyond classes and homework.

To address common concerns our parent community raises along the year, CAISL organized faculty-parent presentations that you can check below.


First page of the PDF file: ThirdCultureKidsParentPresentation

Third Culture Kids

Identified as early as 1950, the term describes children who spend their developmental years in places that are not their parents’ homeland.  This creates opportunities and challenges for children in these contexts. Using images, graphs, videos, and references to resources, Ms. Sónia laid out some strategies that may help families approach these issues with their children.

First page of the PDF file: Virtual World

Virtual World

This presentation examines activities students engage in while using digital devices for education or entertainment.  Our goal is to provide parents with strategies and resources to help them ensure that these digital interactions are positive and included topics such as social networking, gaming and cyber-bullying.

First page of the PDF file: Help_My_Child_wants_a_Cell_Phone

Help! My child wants a cell phone

Some Elementary parents may well be facing the dilemma of whether or not to give a child a cell phone. If your child hasn't asked yet, the request is surely coming, and probably sooner than you think! This presentation is designed to help parents set guidelines and parameters for age appropriate use of a cell phone.

Icon representing the Power Point  %22How to Help your child succeed.%22

How to help your child succeed

This presentation highlights some of the ways which parents can support their children to be successful, both at school and in life. 

First page of the PDF file: RESILIENCEParentPresentationMarch2023


This presentation explores what builds resilience, and how can parents help to foster it.

First page of the PDF file: Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Parents of students in Early Childhood through Grade 1 are invited to learn more about how children learn to read, and the things that you can do to support them in nurturing their reading habits and a love of books.

First page of the PDF file: Digital_Addictions

Digital Addictions

This presentation aims to address mobile phone and digital device addiction among Middle and High School students, and focuses on strategies to support children who have grown overly-dependent on their devices.


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