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CAISL and the Environment

Making "positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world"

It is in our Mission but also in our hearts.

Students, Staff and Administration are equally committed to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint we leave behind. Browse this page to learn about measures, campaigns, clubs and programs we have at CAISL.

Environment Ecolution Club Logo

EcoLution is a student led and teacher supervised initiative whose aim is to raise awareness to environmental issues and encourage action, communication and collection of data, through the implementation of eco-friendly habits on the CAISL community.

This year, in addition to the High School Club, there is also a Middle School one and together they have been raising awareness to several issues - see some of them on the posters section.

How were these books upcycled?

See the page to find out.


The Ecolution, in collaboration with the the Parent Support Group, challenged the whole community to present upcycling projects. Now it is time to bid and raise money for AMI Ecoética

AMI Ecoética is a charity that focuses on reforesting burnt forest in Portugal. Find out more here.


Until the end of April.


Visit the page, click on the item you would like to bid on, and place a value with your comment.

Try one or some of these recipes. Healthy, ecological, and gathered by students!

First page of the PDF file: EcolutionSustainableCookbook

EcoLution Posters

Poster about compost done by Ecolution MS
Poster about compost done by Ecolution MS
Poster about compost done by Ecolution MS
Poster about eletronic waste done by Ecolution
Poster about eletronic waste done by Ecolution
Ecolution (Environmental CLub) Poster about Corona Virus impact
Ecolution (Environmental CLub) Poster about food waste
Ecolution (Environmental CLub) Poster about paper consumption
Ecolution (Environmental CLub) Poster about disposable masks

About Endangered Species

Ecolution News

Photo of the daily coffee grounds collection

Daily, one of the 10 alternating volunteers collects the coffee grounds  that would otherwise go to the undifferentiated garbage, and takes them to a compost pile. This initiative has saved kilos of high quality fertilizer going to waste.

A photo about the initiative "Fruta Feia"

On January 21st Middle School had the virtual visit of Mr. Artur, a representative of Fruta Feia, an initiative focused on reducing food waste.

A Sustainable Holiday Tree

This year, the HS and the MS Ecolution Clubs joined efforts with the Parent Support Group (PSG) and created their version of a sustainable Holiday Tree.

Photo of the HS Student Assembly

At the end of November, MS and HS both had an Assembly to celebrate student success. At the end of both Assemblies, after hearing about individual success in sport and arts, we realized that there is a lot of achievement we didn’t know. On Thanksgiving, that became another reason to feel grateful.

Environment Ecolution Club Logo

The HS Ecolution club is a student led and teacher supervised initiative whose aim is to raise awareness to environmental issues and encourage action, foster communication and sustainable attitudes/choices, through implementation of eco-friendly habits on the CAISL community.

The CAISL campus and the Environment

Solar panels symbol

CAISL has solar panels that heat water for kitchen, showers, cleaning usages, and help with central heating. During Summer the system is self-sufficient.

Rain Water Collection Symbol

All rainwater is caught by grids all over campus and around the soccer pitches and is then used for the automatic watering system. This automatic watering system stops when it rains.

Windows Symbol

Exterior windows have a privacy window film applied that saves energy: it insulates the windows and blocks heat in the summer. 

Recycling Symbol

Recycling boxes are available anywhere in the campus including exterior spaces and each classroom making it very easy to separate waste.

Symbol for Heating and Cooling

The AVAC system is computer-controlled making scheduling easy, including the general shutting off of the equipment.

Hot water is always close to the faucet due to the recirculation pump system. To get hot water, there is no need to waste it by letting it run.

Lighting Symbol

LED lights are used throughout. LEDs last longer and consume exponentially less. In addition, there are light sensors installed in all toilets and hallways, as well as in outdoor spaces.

Bottle Cap collection point symbol

In addition to recycling, CAISL also collects bottle caps and has been for many years, having been able to convert them into several wheelchairs that were donated. 

No Single Use Plastics Symbol

Since 2018 no single use plastic bottles/cups are used at CAISL. Water fountains spread throughout and reusable bottles or cups are used instead.

CAISL has a composting station with capacity for 50 families, located in the gardening area. Used mostly by the Ecolution Club, an effort has been done in order increase the number of families joining.


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.