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Community Service @ CAISL

Creating, Achieving, Inspiring, SERVING and Leading

Service - done by students, modeled by adults, it is central to the growth at CAISL. There is always something happening in Community Service.   


The Secondary Community Service Club was split into three sections: Middle School (Grades 6, 7 and 8), Grades 9 and 10, and Grades 11 and 12. They meet regularly and organize activities based on the organizations (IPSS and other community-based organizations) they support. Activities include bake sales, fundraising activities such as Season/ Celebration Grams (Halloween, Winter Holidays...), and participation in activities such as Banco Alimentar drives and house rebuilding projects with Associação DOMUS (Grades 11 & 12).

Photo of High School Crepe Sale

Time lapse of one of the tasks for the collaboration with Domus

Time lapse of one of the tasks for the collaboration with Domus

Bake sale poster for a Community Service Bake Sale.

Bake sale poster for a Community Service Bake Sale.

Time lapse of one of the tasks for the collaboration with Domus

Time lapse of one of the tasks for the collaboration with Domus

Photo of Women's Day Gram

Example of the Women's Day Gram


National Honor Society, Tri-M, the Thespian Troupe, and the Honorable Art Society are clubs organized by High School students and each one has a service component, so it is not uncommon to see them engaged in fundraising events or service activities as part of their club actions. 

Holiday postcard created by the Honorable Arts Society Members.

Photo of Halloween Bake Sale

Halloween Bake Sale

Photo of an "Open Mic" session organized by the Tri-M.

Photo of an "Open Mic" session organized by the Tri-M.

Photo of an "Open Mic" session organized by the Tri-M.

Photo of an "Open Mic" session organized by the Tri-M.

Photo of an "Open Mic" session organized by the Tri-M.


In addition, IB students may choose to organize their collaborative and independent CAS Project focusing on the Service strand of the CAS Program and support either an organization that CAISL works with  and supports or students may choose to advocate for and support a different organization (in previous year there have been CAS Projects that supported Aldeia SOS Bicesse with school supplies; Comunidade Vida e Paz with winter coats and shoes' drive; Ronald McDonald Lisbon with higiene products drive).

Bake sale poster for a CAS project. Proceeds were aimed at CasaQui which provides housing for young people in need of a home.

Photo of the Banco Alimentar Collection

An example of a Banco Alimentar Collection


Students and teachers may choose to organize Service Learning Projects, in which subjects' goals, performance indicators or content are aligned with needs  identified in the community - so students plan Service Learning initiatives such Grade 8 Migration Symposium with the Lisbon Project; Grade 6 Fundraising Initiatives for Water in South Sudan after reading A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park.



Photo of Middle School Sale for %22Water for South Sudan%22

Photo of Middle School Sale for "Water for South Sudan"

Student Presentation for the Iron Giraffe Challenge

Photo of the Migration Symposium in 2022

Photo of the Migration Symposium in 2022


The Parent Support Group has also created a Community Service Club and they meet monthly to provide CAISL parents with opportunities to become active members in the community, creating positive impact for society and modeling behavior for the students.

Activities include participating in Banco Alimentar with students, organizing fundraising events to benefit different charities, and knitting beanies and booties for XXS Prematuros (an association supporting families with premature babies).

Photo of a bootie made by the Parent Support Group
Photo of several knitted items by the Parent Support Group

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Did You Know?

First page of the PDF file: CommunityEngagementatCAISL-UPDATED-Nov2022

This presentation shows the Community Engagement at CAISL, going through each organization and finishing up with the yearly calendar.

Community Service News

wish tree picture

Elementary Community Service launched a holiday campaign to support Academia do Johnson by creating a Wish Tree adorned with Christmas wishes from the children at Academia. Our community warmly embraced this very noble cause.

picture of clay ornaments community service

Grades 9 and 10's Community Service Club crafted unique sustainable ornaments for sale this month. All proceeds support the Lisbon Project Association's efforts to empower migrants and refugees.

community service

High School Community Service organized an Ice Cream sale to support a very noble cause.

Teamwork, Life-long Learning and Dedication

For the past month and a half, a skillful number of the CAISL Parent Support Group parents have been working together to meet the “XXS Association” challenge, and participate in the fourth edition of the “XXS-XXL, Pequeno em tamanho, Grande no Coração” campaign.

Grade 8 students attended an immigration symposium

8th graders learned about immigration in their social studies class, and within this context they attended an Immigration Symposium at the CAISL theater.

Fine Arts Induction

For the first time this year, CAISL's fine arts department came together to organize a joint Induction Ceremony to recognize High School students for their contributions to CAISL's music, drama and art programs.

Thankful For All The Volunteers

The national food drive campaign – Banco Alimentar – took place on the weekend of 27-28 of November and it involved CAISL students, staff, faculty and parents. Collectively, we gathered 3 132 kg of food in a local supermarket.


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

CAISL partners with these and other Community Based Organizations

Logo for Banco Alimentar (Food Bank)

Works towards avoiding food waste and organizes 2 national food drives (May & Dec.) to support families in economic constrains. Partnership with CAISL since 2002.

Logo for Association Domus

Helps people in Braga, north of Portugal, build or improve a place they can call home. Works in partnership w/ Fuller Center for Housing (formerly it used to
partner w/ Habitat for Humanity). Partnership with CAISL since 2004.

Provides services that satisfy the basic needs and psycho-social support of elderly people; Contributes to stabilize or slow down the ageing process; Develops conditions that preserve and motivate elderly people’s usual life environment. Partnership with CAISL since 2006 (although interrupted during COVID).

Integrates citizens with severe special needs into all aspects of life aiming towards autonomy and independence by providing different services and activities (training towards the job market). ​

Supports children with cancer and their families on an emotional, social and logistical level homes in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Funchal. Partnership with CAISL since 2018.

Supports children at risk who have been referenced by the court or child protection services due to: Economic instability or poor housing conditions; Child negligence; Abandonment; Parents’ addictions; Mental illness. Partnership with CAISL since 2014.

Supports cancer patients and their families; promotion of healthy habits; cancer prevention; encourages professional development and cancer research. Partnership with CAISL since 2014.

Their Mission is to ingrate and protect the lives of migrants and refugees in the city of Lisbon by providing information, mediation, and supporting the acquisition of language skills. Partnership with CAISL since 2016.

Its main purpose is the rehabilitation of burnt land located throughout the national territory. The land is public or publicly managed and the actions are exclusively conservationist in character, with no commercial purpose. Partnership with CAISL since 2019.

Supports people in homeless conditions or social vulnerability working towards their social reintegration. Partnership with CAISL since 2020.

Local (Sintra) group that addresses social needs faced by children (0-16 years old) and elders. Partnership with CAISL since 2021.

Promotes sustainable development and protects the environment through education, advocacy, political reflection and action. Partnership with CAISL since 2021

Supports people in homeless conditions or social vulnerability working towards their social reintegration.

Involves community members through activities to preserve nature;​ Raises awareness towards nature values and the role of society in its preservation;​ Brings citizens closer to the conservation and preservation paradigm of ecossystems;​ Promotes active citizenship by reinforcing environmental awareness and empower volunteers to be agents in the change process.​

Promotes human rights and social inclusion, supporting especially sexual and ethnic minorities.​