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Iberian Basketball Tournament
Iberian Basketball Tournament

Iberian Basketball 2020 was held in Valencia from the 11-12th January. Both Boys and Girls teams participated in this tournament, being undefeated throughout the 2 days and becoming victorious in the Final games against ASB. Both teams showed great behavior on and off the court, respecting their opponents and the referees at all times. They made CAISL proud with the way they handle themselves. Although Basketball is a team sport and both teams showed great chemistry in their games, individually Christos K. and Joana S. were selected to be part of the Tournament All-Star Team!

Special shout out to the Seniors in both teams, Christos, Noy, Carlota, Ema, Margarida and Iman that have played and won their last Iberian!

Go Wolves!

Text by Mr. João