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A Heartwarming Winter Showcase
A Heartwarming Winter Showcase

The Winter Showcase is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year, as it presents Grades 1 through 4 students an opportunity to be on stage (some for the first time) and show their families how much they learned in music and art classes. On the evening of December 12th, a crowd of parents sat in the Theater and watched in delight while first and second graders sang in perfect tune, a performance made even better by cheerful choreographies. With similarly beautiful singing and dancing, our third and forth graders also played percussion and bells, in harmony with the choir. The showcase was also enhanced by the beautiful artwork students created specially for this season, and that was projected as a set for the performance.

Our Elementary Music and Art teachers and our 1st through 4th grade students are sure to be congratulated for this heartwarming concert.

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