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Varsity Local Tournaments
Varsity Local Tournaments

Between December 12th and 14th, our Varsity Girls Soccer and Varsity Boys Basketball teams played a well disputed local tournament, showing how they grew in sportsmanship and athletic skill during this first part of the school year. At the end of the tournament, the girls team got 3rd place and the boys got 2nd place.

Student Chanelle P. described her team's experience in this tournament:

"This year, the Local Varsity Tournament for the Varsity Girls Soccer was held in St. Julian's, where there was a total of 10 schools participating in the tournament. The tournament took place for 3 days, where all teams played with each other and competed in order to get to the best place they could. These 3 days were 3 days of a lot of effort, hard work, team spirit, team building and sportsmanship within each team. The CAISL Varsity Girls played brilliantly and played the hardest they could in order to get the trophy. Despite all the hard work and effort every girl put in, the team ended up in 3rd place yet it was a winning trophy for them because they managed to still get a medal and fight for what they wanted. The girls gave everything they had, even after a tough game against St. Julian's in the semifinal, the girls still played against one of the toughest teams in the tournament (DSL), and they still managed to win 3rd place. Overall, although CAISL did not get the Fair Play Award, they made sure that they were respectful and played fairly against all the other teams and despite not getting 1st place, they did they're very best and gave everything they had in order to place."

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