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Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

CAISL's collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Portugal celebrates 15 years this October. And what better way to celebrate this date than to actually pull up our sleeves and get to work? And that we did! On October 16 a group of 12 Juniors and Seniors and 2 teachers went to Braga to work with Habitat for Humanity on a new rebuilding project in Laje (the outskirts of Braga). For two days we worked along side D. Rosa and supported Habitat for Humanity mission to build decent housing for families who need it. We plastered some walls with cement, we chipped off old paint from other walls, we helped tile the roof. It was once again a successful trip and the team worked really well at their designated tasks. We cannot wait for second semester and the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity again!

Text by Ms. Gisel

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