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Wolves Visit the Wolf Sanctuary
Wolves Visit the Wolf Sanctuary

On the 29th of October and 8th of April, Biology grade 9 students went to Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico, a sanctuary owned by Grupo Lobo. Grupo Lobo is a NGO founded on the 18th of September 1985, whose aim is to raise public awareness about the importance of the Iberian Wolf for the balance of ecosystems, support scientific studies around this predator and promote conservation projects.

Students visited an exhibition regarding the role played by wolves in Portuguese forests, their conservation status and their cultural importance. In addition, they also walked through the area of the center, observing the resident wolves in their enclosures. The trip was guided by Ana Filipa Marcos, a biologist specialized in biology, behavior and conservation of the Iberian wolf.

This trip served as a Service Learning activity, since the product of the trip will integrate a small exhibition of students' work to raise awareness about the Iberian wolf within our school community.