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What a Party! Yeehaw!
What a Party! Yeehaw!

On March 23rd, many families showed up at CAISL with their boots on, ready for the Western Party sponsored by the Parents Support Group. And what a party it was!

There were garlands made with colored paper hanging everywhere, fun backdrops for selfies, painted decorations, cowboy hats and bandanas to be purchased or parading on people's heads. Wherever you looked, there were cowboys and cowgirls (of any age) excited to be there.

Activities started with fun "western inspired" games, such as throw-the-ring-at-the-cactus, or "pin the tail on the donkey," or simply jumping rope. Shortly after were the donkey rides: Donkey SebastiĆ£o and Pony Julieta from "Burros do Magoito" spent the rest of the afternoon taking elementary children on rides, enchanting them with their easy going attitude. At the same time, on the gym, everyone else was learning how to dance country music under the direction of Ms. Leslie, CAISL's Fine Arts Coordinator. Children, youngsters and adults of all ages, learned to "heel, toe, heel," "peel the banana," and other move steps at the sound of the traditional songs (and the sound of giggling from people having a great time). Finally, to top it off, there was karaoke which proved to be a huge success as well.

The available food took the western experience further: you could pick between chili or sloppy joes, and then have as sides cornbread and coleslaw. All you can drink lemonade was also on offer. If after finishing your day you still had tokens in your pocket, the National Honor Society was collecting the leftover tokens and was able to gather above 40 Euros worth towards the charity "Acreditar".

A huge thank you to all the people involved in the preparation and execution of this event. There were many, many professionals and volunteers contributing to its success: innumerous parents from the PSG spent countless hours ahead of the event preparing decorations, buying food and organizing the games; many volunteers (high schoolers, PSG parents, CAISL staff members and teachers) helped out on the day making sure all the stations were properly staffed and everyone had a good time; maintenance personnel accommodated all the room changes and made sure all was safe and clean before, during and after the event; and Go Natural prepared the food experience at the request of the PSG.

The day flew by... but plans are in place for the next one already!

(See some photos here)