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An Out of this World Movie Night
An Out of this World Movie Night

Steven Spielberg's "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" landed on CAISL on the evening of February 8th, 2019, and he had a theater full of children anxiously waiting for him to arrive – it was another movie night organized by the Parent Support Group (PSG)!

The Snack bar turned into a movie theater hall and attendants could benefit from themed cupcakes, pop-corn, pizza or hotdogs, and an opportunity to take a selfie with the one and only – E.T. When the movie ended and children were preparing to leave, E.T. made sure they would take with them an important message: "Be good!" (and a small piece of candy too).

Movie night is organized by this group to bring the whole school community together. This time the PSG thought they could give one step further: With leftover tokens from the food and drink, participants could also donate food items to the association "Acreditar", whose mission is to support children with cancer and their families. 80 Euros were raised in food items, and another 30 in cash were added to the cash jar to raise money for scholarships for these children. In taking this initiative, the PSG is gathering efforts with the Community Service and the National Honor Society who are also working for the same cause.

Thank you to the PSG for their outstanding work and support. This was an "out-of-this-world" movie night!