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Academic Success

Evidence of Academic Success is fundamental.  

Without a history of demonstrated academic success by its students, no school can truly say that it provides an excellent curricular and instructional program. 

Photo of the Graduation Class 2019


CAISL Test Scores and University Acceptances results are below. However, success has many aspects and no test or series of test scores or statistics can truly claim to “prove” success.  CAISL’s Core Value says that we “challenges ourselves and each other to do our best.”  It is the firm belief of all of us at CAISL that if we “do our best” and support others to do their best also, we are successful. 

Success has many aspects and no test or series of test scores or statistics can truly claim to “prove” success. 

To get the full picture of Success for CAISL students, it is essential to also see the information in “Life at CAISL”  and the “Community Comments.”  “Life at CAISL” shows CAISL students’ success in Service, Leadership, Athletics, Arts, and personal growth which are fundamental to life-long success.  “Community Comments” include the perspective of current community members as well as those of parents who were transferred out of the Lisbon area and how their children made the transition to their new schools. 


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

Test Scores

University Entrance

CAISL’s philosophy is that each student, with guidance and support from parents and CAISL staff, determines what he/she wants “life after High School” to be.   For some students, this is striving for entrance into the USA’s Ivy League or the most competitive universities in the UK, in Portugal, or his/her home country. For some, this is following a passion in the Arts or Athletics or other fields or types of higher education.

CAISL students often apply to more than one university system. They apply to universities in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, or elsewhere and often prepare themselves as well for university in Portugal. CAISL’s students all strive to earn the American High School Diploma and most of them also choose to pursue the IB Diploma. Students are able to enter universities worldwide with either the American High School Diploma or the IB Diploma.

Below is a graph showing the country where CAISL students entered university in the past 5 years:

Graph showing where did students went for higher education


COLLEGE OFFERS’ SAMPLES from class 2022:

USA:  Connecticut College, NYU, William and Mary, USC;

UK:  LSE, King’s College, University of St. Andrews, University of Nottingham;

PT:  Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Ciências Médicas e Economia), ISEG, and Universidade Católica.