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Community Comments

Browse through some testimonials from people who know our school well.

To protect their privacy, their names were not disclosed nor their photos posted. Thank you to all the families who share positive comments with us and recommend us as a school!


My family and I moved to Portugal this year from London (...).  We thought (our children's) former schools in London and NJ were the best in the world but this experience has certainly made us think twice. (…) this COVID-19 situation has truly amplified CAISL’s status in our eyes. (...) Our kids are continuing to learn, classes keep them occupied for large parts of the day, the remote learning platform works well and the teachers are engaged and attentive to their individual needs.  Their classes each day brings a welcome sense of normalcy to what is such an abnormal situation for them (and us too). (...)

Father of two Secondary Children (during School@Home program)


Sharing my point of view as Mom of 5: (…). I would like to take a minute, to thank all the CAISL team, children are definitely engaged with this new method and that means a lot to us. Congratulations.

Mother of Elementary and Secondary Children (during School@Home program)


First of all, I cannot express how pleased I am with the outstanding service the school is providing us during this challenging time. (...) My daughter was thrilled to see her teacher in one of the videos (...). Today as I turned on the laptop she was cheering “Ms. Tânia! Ms. Tânia” in expectation of watching a video and there was one! She watched over and over again(...) congratulations on a job well done!

Mother of an Early Childhood Child (during School@Home program)


(...)The effect of this (class@home) is that our daughter is engaged all day and her spirits are up, she is not feeling burdened by the fact that we have been on lock down for over one week now. The fact that /she/ had the program to comply with, made her more focused on her leaning progress, which of course is wonderful(...).

Father of an Elementary Child (during School@Home program)


(…)Our son is extremely happy, working harder than ever and experiencing the joy of learning and fulfilling tasks independently. He feels so proud to seat at his own computer and work, just as he see us doing. The teachers (all of them) have been absolutely fantastic. (...)

Mother of an Elementary Child (during School@Home program)

Art work to say thank you


My daughter insisted on getting up on time yesterday morning so she could start the virtual schooling "on schedule". (...).  The utter delight and confidence with which she sat down and worked through the different subjects was remarkable, impressive, even touching. (...).  (...)  Sure, it was just Day 1, and it's novel, but really impressive to see.

Father of an Elementary Child (during School@Home program)


We are now, as we always were, absolutely convinced that the decision to enroll them in CAISL community was the best decision we could have made. Their success is the conclusion of all their effort and commitment, but it would not have been possible without the magnificent contribution of CAISL. Thank you for that.

Portuguese parents, Children graduated from CAISL


CAISL has done a great job with my children academically. After returning to the States, they fit right in a new school system with honors, due to the good preparation they had from CAISL, and they miss the school dearly (including the delicious treats from the cafeteria)!

American parent, children in 5th and 7th Grades, moved to an American School in USA

Photo of Erma Anderson

Erma Anderson comes to CAISL each year, sponsored by the Office of Overseas Schools of the Department of State of the USA, to work with our Math and Science teachers on “best practice” for Common Core Math and Next Generation Science Standards. The quote it's a recent tweet.


CAISL’s library is an impressive learning center and one we did not find in the new school after moving away. CAISL’s library staff offer valuable advice and, in addition to the large book collection, our children benefitted from the organization, the resources, as well as coordination in between classes and teachers.

The math curriculum and program is another thing I most admire at CAISL - I am so thankful for the teachers’ effort, and the skills and concepts worked on. We notice a huge difference in the new school in the demand and actual program. We stayed at CAISL for four years; we wished they had been longer.

American parent, children in 4th and 6th Grade, moved to a European International School.


In their previous school in the UK, my boys were achieving but not flourishing. Our children are now in their third year at CAISL. Academically we are very pleased but, more importantly, they are happy, motivated and confident!

British parent, children in 6th and 8th Grade