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CAISL Community Information Page

Last updated March 24, 4:00p.m.

This information page was created to consolidate in one page all the relevant information for parents during this period. We will update it regularly as new data is received about this rapidly changing situation.


The Portuguese Government mandated all Portuguese Schools to close from January 22nd.  The Deconfinement Plan released by the Government on March 11, allowed for classes for children up to Grade 4 to start on the week of March 15. All other Grades are having online classes.

Communications from the Director

March 24 - Director's Updates

  • Return to campus and masks for 1st and 2nd graders
  • Reporting absences and what are excused absences
  • Questions over bubble mixing and doing our part

March 17 - Director's Updates

  • A year after
  • Covid testing and masks for 1st and 2nd grades
  • Travel over Spring Break and Reminders

March 12 - Director's Updates

  • Deconfinement Plan announced by the Government
  • CAISL's Plan

March 10 - Director's Updates

  • No school for March 11 and 12
  • State of emergency
  • Memory wall and reminders

March 3 - Director's Updates

  • Phone disruption
  • State of Emergency and what can come next
  • Wearing a mask
  • Zoom Fatigue

February 24 - Director's Updates

  • One year after the first edition of the Director's "Watching COVID-19"
  • State of Emergency and follow up of Vaccination Plan in Portugal
  • Memory Wall
  • Why read Literature

CAISL Logo altered to reflect the separation during COVID

School Year 2020-2021

Learn any new information about this school year:

During the school year 2019-2020

Learn about our community during last year - CAISL was always connected!

  • For members within our community, please login here.
  • For members outside of our community, follow this link. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot grant access to the photos, but you can still browse through comments.

  • Middle Schoolers put together some focus time guides. Listen to them below:

Useful Links

If you or your child develops any of the symptoms (there is even the most minimal fever or if a cough develops), you are advised to call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24) for advice and to report your condition. (You will hear an options menu in Portuguese. Click "1 "and we have been assured that you will get a person who can speak English.) Also, please let us know (

PhD students at the Champalimaud Foundation decided to create an online document to centralize information and keep updating the measures the Portuguese Government is implementing - translated to English. Please note this is not an official document, it is a volunteering service from PhD students. Thank you to them for this service! In their words: “As a big disclaimer, we are trying to be as accurate as we can - if you are following the measures, let us know if we have made any mistakes, and or if you want to help, just drop us an email and we'll add you to the team that edits the document.