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CAISL Community Information Page

Last updated June 6, 9:02 am.

This information page was created to consolidate in one page all the relevant information for parents during this period. We will update it regularly as new data is received about this rapidly changing situation.


CAISL had in-person classes since September and, currently, very few restrictions remain. Use of mask is not mandatory, except in special circumstances, and CAISL is now welcoming visitors. All-school events, concerts and shows, after-school activities and parent meetings are back to campus.

Communications from the Director

May 25 - Director's Updates

  • State of Alert Continues and latest report from DGS
  • COVID cases at CAISL
  • Events

May 18 - Director's Updates

  • State of Alert Continues
  • COVID cases at CAISL
  • Events

May 11 - Director's Updates

  • State of Alert Continues
  • Masks no longer mandatory except in a few situations
  • COVID cases at CAISL
  • Events

May 4 - Director's Updates

  • Availability of free testing at the pharmacies has been ended - what can be done to get tested
  • 1st week without masks
  • Full service of cafeteria lunch

April 27 - Director's Updates

  • 1st Day without Masks
  • Lunch/cafeteria Service
  • May/June Activities

April 22 - Director's Updates

  • Extension of State of Alert to May 5
  • Masks no longer required at school
  • Earth Day and launch of upcycling exhibit

April 18 - Director's Updates

  • Extension of State of Alert to April 22nd
  • Reminders

March 30 - Director's Updates

  • Annual Report is out
  • Extension of the State of Alert to April 18th
  • Reminders of Upcoming events and no newsletter next week

March 23 - Director's Updates

  • Extension of the State of Alert and the impact of the Sahara dust.
  • Upcoming events and changes to the uplifting restrictions

March 17 - Director's Updates

  • Looking back: two years after the first lockdown because of COVID 19.
  • Status Report - Portugal: DGS reports no longer daily.
  • Stauts Report - CAISL: No more Bubbles! Parents allowed in campus and able to schedule in-person meetings with teachers

March 10 - Director's Updates

  • Thank you for the community support to the Ukraine collection
  • Status report regarding Portugal
  • Status report at CAISL - events coming up and traffic light document.

March 2 - Director's Updates

  • Ukraine invasion and CAISL support collection
  • New DGS regulations
  • How these regulations will change CAISL's procedures.

February 21 - Director's Updates

  • Re-registration reminder
  • The new law on deconfinement
  • The impact of the new law in CAISL's procedures divided by those affecting All school, Just Elementary, just Secondary, and After-school Activities.

February 16 - Director's Updates

  • Re-registration reminder and "Mad Hatter" Concert
  • Meeting with Infarmed and the need of waiting for government-issued regulations.
  • Current situation at CAISL with very low numbers of students and staff in isolation or positive.
  • Return of Atheltic games for Varsity and younger divisions following shortly.

February 09 - Director's Updates

  • Re-registration starting and notice of test for emergency system.
  • Speculations about relaxation of COVID restrictions
  • Current CAISL situation improving rapidly.

February 02 - Director's Updates

  • Vaccination and vaccination certificates
  • Status report in Portugal and at CAISL
  • A non-COVID safety request

January 26 - Director's Updates

  • Vaccination
  • Self-Management of COVID
  • How can you help and further precautions

School Year 2021-2022

Useful Links

If you or your child develops any of the symptoms (there is even the most minimal fever or if a cough develops), you are advised to call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24) for advice and to report your condition. (You will hear an options menu in Portuguese. Click "1 "and we have been assured that you will get a person who can speak English.) Also, please let us know (

Here are a few links from different reliable sources to keep up to date:

Center for Disease Control

Health Ministry site

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

World Health Organization


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.