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CAISL Community Information Page

Last updated January 10, 4:08 pm.

This information page was created to consolidate in one page all the relevant information for parents during this period. We will update it regularly as new data is received about this rapidly changing situation.


CAISL has resumed in-person classes September 1st.  After the Winter Break, there will be a Government-mandated week of school at home.

Our families, Faculty and Staff are ready to go. Happy Holidays and see you back in January!

Communications from the Director

January 6 - Director's Updates

  • Happy New Year
  • Vaccinations - current groups being vaccinated and how to "self-agenda."
  • Isolation Period and new rules about to come out.

December 15 - Director's Updates

  • Watching COVID: Vaccinations for those under 12 and difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated for the prophylatic isolation.
  • Reminders and Upcoming Events

December 8 - Director's Updates

  • Watching COVID: Tournament Cancellation and Concerts
  • Reminders and Upcoming Events

November 30 - Director's Updates

  • Watching COVID: Back to State of Calamity
  • Reminders and Upcoming Events

November 10 - Director's Updates

  • Watching COVID and Concerts and Athletic Games
  • Harford Algorythms by Tim Harford
  • Leadership and Model United Nations

November 3 - Director's Updates

  • Deconfinement: Northern Europe developments
  • Perspectives: "Echo Chambers"

October 27 - Director's Updates

  • Deconfinement and Halloween
  • COVID Testing on campus
  • Accreditation
  • Perspectives: "The power of putting yourself in someone else's shoes"

October 20 - Director's Updates

  • Deconfinement regarding athletics and winter concerts
  • Testing for Secondary Students
  • Follow-up on Social Media  - WhatsApp

October 13 - Director's Updates

  • Further on deconfinement
  • The challenges of screens
  • Link to the Associated Press Guide to keeping teens safe on social media

October 6 - Director's Updates

  • Deconfinement and what it means for the CAISL community
  • New use of the SMS/text messaging system
  • Portugal as seen from outside.

September 22 - Director's Updates

  • Government COVID Testing for employees and students
  • Deconfinement and what it means for schools.
  • Open House

September 15 - Director's Updates

  • MAP Results
  • Government Regulations on Schools
  • The Purpose of this Newsletter/Watching COVID

September 8 - Director's Updates

  • COVID testing by the Government and form for parents' consent
  • Virus mitigation measure and Bubble at home
  • After-school Sports
  • Portugal & COVID & CAISL and a very challenging year.

September 1 - Director's Updates

  • Portugal & COVID & CAISL
  • Government Rules just published.
  • Testing for COVID

August 25 - Director's Updates

  • CAISL page regarding COVID
  • Health Monitoring Guidelines for the CAISL Community
  • What to do if a child cannot attend classes

August 18 - Director's Updates

  • Parent Essentials update for 2021-2022

August 11 - Director's Updates

  • School start 2021-2022

School Year 2021-2022

Useful Links

If you or your child develops any of the symptoms (there is even the most minimal fever or if a cough develops), you are advised to call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24) for advice and to report your condition. (You will hear an options menu in Portuguese. Click "1 "and we have been assured that you will get a person who can speak English.) Also, please let us know (

Here are a few links from different reliable sources to keep up to date:

Center for Disease Control

Health Ministry site

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control

World Health Organization

School Logo showing changes due to COVID

CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.