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School Improvement Plan

Goals and Strategies

These are the Goals and Strategies as established by the CAISL Faculty and Administration currently in place.

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CAISL teachers will employ instruction and assessment techniques which show a diversity and expertise reflective of best practice and appropriate for the ages and subjects taught.

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Strategy 1:  Instruction will be differentiated to ensure that each student is challenged at an appropriate level including active learning strategies appropriate for a multi-lingual and diverse ability population.     

Strategy 2:  Technology will be integrated into instruction and assessment in a supportive and appropriate way by all faculty. 

CAISL student’s academic needs will be met within a system which is clear as to definition of need, primary and supportive responsibilities, and method of communicating and tracking implementation and progress.

Strategy: Design and Implement a 5-tier “Response to Intervention” plan which supports each student on one of 4 levels (tiers) from Tier 1 (in-class differentiated instruction) through Tier 5 (diagnosed significant cognitive challenges).

CAISL students will have the attitudes and skills to positively meet life’s challenges

Strategy:  Through the Personal, Social, and Health Education Program (PSHE), students will be presented with and engage in guided discussions concerning

  • digital literacy
  • a healthy lifestyle and appropriate stress management
  • current issues requiring the ability to investigate, analyze, and evaluate from diverse sources.     
  • Friendships, conflicts, and maintaining positive and healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Creating a successful future and making career and college choices.

CAISL will be a responsible and responsive member of the local and global community

Strategy:   CAISL students will engage in community service which supports and benefits genuine needs in the local community, in Portugal, and in our global community and which requires them to use the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom with the “soft skills” learned through the Hidden Curriculum and PSHE

CAISL and its students will be good stewards of the environment.

Strategy 1:   CAISL will analyze, review, and revise its “environmental footprint” to ensure that it is adhering to “best practice” for schools.  

Strategy 2:   CAISL Staff will teach, model, and support students to become committed to and active in environmental sustainability initiatives both within the school and in their lives outside.   

Access to campus will be controlled and students off campus will be tracked while they are on school-provided transportation.

Strategy:  Design and Implement a human, physical, and technological control system to enhance student and staff safety both on campus and in school-provided transportation to/from school.

In compliance with GDPR, CAISL will review and revise its consent procedures, data storage, data access, and data retention systems.

Strategy:  Revise processes and procedures related to print and digital documents, online postings by CAISL, access to online sources by CAISL staff and students to ensure that CAISL is compliant with GDPR requirements.

Library-Media and Information Services will be reviewed and revised to ensure that they meet the needs of CAISL students at all grades and adapt to the changing requirements of the modern world. 

Strategy:  Review and revised policies and procedures related to the Library-Media Center and Information Technology Educational Provision so that they are seamless in operation and comprise an “Information Resources” Center and Services.