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Mindfully planning a sustainable school

Board of Trustees

The Trustees of the Fundação Escola Americana de Lisboa consists of three members - Visteon Portuguesa appoints one member and the American Embassy appoints 2 representatives, one a foreign service employee at the Embassy and the other an individual locally based with ties to both the USA and Portugal. The Trustees determine policy, delegate executive, supervisory, and instructional authority to their employees, and appraise the results achieved in light of the goals of the school. They are also responsible for the financial operations and budget, personnel, public relations/information and long-range planning.

The list of the Trustees and Representatives is:

American Embassy

  • Miguel Espírito Santo Silva de Mello (Board President)
  • Sara Krumm

Visteon Portuguesa

  • Sérgio Mourão

Ongoing CAISL Goals

The main responsibility of the Trustees is to hold the school “in trust” for the future.  With the construction project completed, the new facilities occupied (August 2011), and the financial structure of the school healthy and sustainable, the Trustees are tasked with ensuring that they fulfill their primary objective of holding the school "in trust" for future generations.

In order to achieve these, CAISL developed School Improvement Plan Goals that can be consulted here.

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Curricular Program Goal

CAISL will provide superior curricular programs in academics, arts, and athletics which will challenge and support each student in the acquisition of basic and extended knowledge and skills, analytical and creative problem solving, effective communicating, and will instill a love of learning and pride in individual and collective accomplishments.

Photo of Students playing baseball with coach


Student Life Goal

CAISL will provide co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and opportunities which support and extend the curricular program in academics, arts, and athletics as well as fostering concern for others, commitment to service and to active and responsible local and global citizenship, and in developing the skills of leadership and teamwork.

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School Climate Goal

School Climate Goal: CAISL will ensure a school climate which is collaborative, positive and respectful, which teaches students responsibility, integrity, and respect for themselves and others, and which develops in them the knowledge and skills necessary for continuous personal growth.

Photo of Teacher teaching geometry to one student


Staffing Goal

CAISL will attract, support, supervise, and retain outstanding educators who will both teach and be role models for students and support personnel who will be both professional and personal assets to CAISL.

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Physical Resources Goal

CAISL will ensure that the physical facilities and resources support the academic and extracurricular program effectively and efficiently.

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Community Relations Goal

CAISL will ensure that the school is well presented to prospective families to ensure enrollment stability or growth, to the current parent community, and to the local and international communities.

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Financial Goal

Financial Goal: CAISL will ensure that the business, financial, and ancillary operations support the academic and extracurricular program of the school effectively and efficiently and ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the school.


CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.