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Facilities & Resources

A school built with learning at heart

It is a CAISL on-going goal to ensure that the physical facilities and resources support the academic and extracurricular program effectively and efficiently. 

For ease of navigation we divided RESOURCES into four groups:

  • The built facilities, which you can see by taking our virtual tour.
Photo to initiate the virtual tour
  • Technological resources, which consist not only on the 1:1 (Gr1-12) or 2:1 computer programs (allowing students to have full or shared access to computers) but also on all the technology used at school, such as robots, coding and programmable Lego, and platforms to enhance learning.
Photo of students using Lego robots
  • Library resources, which consist not only on the book collection but also on the DVDs, audio books, digital access to magazines, encyclopedias and tools to help students find trustworthy sources, write, document and check their work.
Photo of students using a camera to photograph clay
  • Resources for specific curriculum support, which include all the musical instruments for the Music subjects (including acoustic guitars, violas, violins, cellos, basses, pianos, drums, xylophones, marimbas, bells, among others, adding to over 200 instruments), all the work out equipment for Athletics, and all the tools required for students to learn in each subject, such as Art and Drama, which are constantly being updated and maintained for student use. It is intended that the resources required for student learning will be available to them.
Students playing school Marimbas
Photo of the logo in the main entrance saying Creating, Achieving, Inspiring, Serving and Leading

Take a tour through our campus and Facilities.

Photo to initiate the virtual tour

CAISL is a student-centered educational community in which we challenge ourselves and each other to do our best and to make positive contributions to our diverse and ever-changing world.

Photo of the exterior just outiside the main entrance

Welcome to CAISL! Please use the arrows on the sides to navigate through this photo tour of our campus.

Photo of the main entrance outside the library

Our campus is composed of two buildings. The Main Building houses classrooms and libraries, and our Fine Arts Building houses our cafeteria and snack bar, theater, music and art rooms, and our gymnasium.

Photo of the interior of the library

Our Main Library contains over 40,000 books, both in English and in Portuguese. Besides print books, our Library Media Center also manages e-books and other digital resources. Elementary and Secondary students visit the Library regularly. Parents are also welcome to do so.

photo of the interior of a classroom

Our classrooms are ample, bright, and flexible to facilitate learning.

Photo of an early Childhood class

Our Early Childhood and Kindergarten classes have different spaces for learning, their own bathroom, and access to the playground. At this age, children have two homeroom teachers, and specialty teachers for Art, Music and Physical Education.

Photo of students engaged in learning

From preschool to high school, students are involved in their learning. CAISL uses a hands-on approach to teaching, with small classes and supporting teachers.

Photo of Elementary classroom

From preschool to high school, students are involved in their learning. CAISL uses a hands-on approach to teaching, with small classes and supporting teachers.

Photo of high school atrium

Across the hallway from Elementary, we have our Secondary school, divided into Middle School (Grades 6, 7 and 8) and High School (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12). Both Middle and High School atria have spaces where students can work independently, but still near their teachers.

Photo of Secondary classroom

Rather than having a homeroom, Secondary students change classrooms and teachers for each subject. Secondary rooms include a Science lab for Middle School, and a dedicated Biology, Physics and Chemistry (in the picture) labs for High Schoolers.

Photo of a high school class

Middle and High School classes are longer (1h30), so that there is time for practicing what's taught each day. Teachers works closely with each student during classes and after school. Each teacher has an office hours day so students can clarify questions, ask for support

Photo of a Career Fair

Both Elementary and Secondary students have a Counselor, who teaches Personal, Social, and Health Education, but also is available to work individually with students. High Schoolers also benefit from career and college counseling, including college and career fairs.

Photo of a music Class

In our Fine Arts and Gym Building, we can find rooms dedicated to the Arts, part of the students curriculum. Pre-school through Grade 5 use the Elementary Music room. In Grade 5, students also attend Orchestra and Choir as their music program. Choir and Orchestra are elective subjects through Secondary, and have their own dedicated rooms.

Photo of an Art Class

Visual Art is also included in the Elementary curriculum, and an elective subject through Secondary. Students colorful work can be seen around campus.

Photo of students performing Peter Pan on Stage

Students have several chances to showcase their talent using our Theater. Elementary students participate in two large concerts a year. Secondary students who have chosen electives such as Orchestra, Choir, Musical Theater or Drama also perform on stage.

Photo of a robotics class

Secondary students can choose from a number of elective classes, including languages (Spanish and French), and technology focused electives, such as robotics.

Photo of the Gym

Physical Education is part of the curriculum. Our fully-enclosed Gymnasium serves this purpose, as well as hosting basketball and volleyball tournaments.

Photo of students playing softball on the fields

CAISL hosts two AstroTurf Soccer Pitches, one regulation size and one of a modified size for our younger athletes. These fields are used for Physical Education, after-school sports, and also serve as a playground area during lunch break.

Photo of students playing in the playground

Our preschoolers, first and second graders have their own playground area, with age appropriate equipment, a soccer field and a natural grass area, promoting healthy play and social interactions.